Daylight: Bagsværd Church

DSC_0402Bagsværd Church was designed by Jorn Utzon in 1976. The location is at Bagsværd, Denmark. A masterpiece of contemprary church architecture. The interior is bright and naturally illuminated with daylight. The ceiling is straddled with softly rounded vaulting, inspired by the form of clouds (which was Utzon’s understanding of the overall concept).



“The inspiration that I derived from the drifting of clouds above the sea and the shore (forming) a wondrous space in which the light fell through the ceiling the clouds down on to the floor represented by the shore and the sea.”  – Jorn Utzon

The natural light is achieved by the high lateral windows across the entire structure bringing daylight from the courtyard. The soft curves were designed to control the light and act as a visual masterpiece. The light is filtered through the glass ceilings above the corridors and hallways.

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As daylight comes in to structure, the white walls softens the lights and is diffused by the glass ceilings.

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